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how thumb sucking affects teeth

How Does Thumb Sucking Affect Teeth?

Nov 8, 2018

Nearly all children have a pacifier or thumb sucking habit at some point, but most will outgrow this habit on their own. However, the negative effects become more difficult to correct the longer it goes

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how alcohol affects your teeth the woodlands tx

The Truth Of How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

Oct 9, 2018

How Does Alcohol Affect Teeth? Many patients wonder about the truth about how alcohol affects your teeth. Alcoholic beverages in moderation, are perfectly fine. However, excessive consumption has detrimental

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do pacifiers affect babies teeth

Do Pacifiers Affect Babies’ Teeth?

Sep 13, 2018

Many parents ask, “Do pacifiers affect babies’ teeth?” Pacifiers can provide babies with a soothing sensation, which keeps them content and provides a feeling of relaxation. However, frequent

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best orthodontist near me the woodlands tx

Best Orthodontist Near Me

Jun 5, 2018

At Woodlands Orthodontic Center, our goal is to provide the best orthodontic care available at affordable prices. We understand the value of a healthy smile, and how it can impact your everyday life. No

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