Invisalign or Smile Direct?

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 4:31 pm

Are you stuck between choosing Invisalign or Smile Direct Club for your smile? There are a lot of factors which go into determining which treatment course is right for you. The Woodlands Smiles is here to dispell some myths, go into some facts, and hopefully make your choice for orthodontic health easier going forward when seeking treatment.

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Invisalign: Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are custom suited to your unique facial structure, and teeth alignment. Years of research and development have taken Invisalign treatment to new heights, and Invisalign is backed by many orthodontists across the globe. Utilizing advanced treatment techniques like iTero, Woodlands Smiles stays on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology and is driven to help patients like you achieve the best possible results. The Woodland Smiles also utilizes a new technology which has been revolutionary in orthodontic treatment called i-Cat. This award-winning technology creates beautiful 3-D images of your whole mouth so that we can see the bigger picture of what’s going on.

Invisalign has been proven effective, and now treatment is more comfortable, and faster than ever. Treatment starts with an initial free consultation to best address the condition of your orthodontic health, and what may be necessary for you going forward. Invisalign is uniquely crafted to your mouth and is made of a specialized material called SmartTrack. This new material was tested against more than 250 others to give patients the best solution for their orthodontic health. Invisalign works in a series of advancing aligners to gently and gradually straighten your teeth. Along with oversight from orthodontist Dr. Eschelman, your treatment will be 50% faster than before, reaching maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Invisalign is completely removable, which allows for ease of oral hygiene, and the freedom to eat whatever you desire. Just a few reasons why Invisalign is a great choice for all patients, even teens!

Smile Direct

Smile Direct Club also utilizes clear aligners. These aligners are sent to your house after images are scanned or sculpted using molds. You are required to either go to a location where your teeth can be scanned, or create the mold yourself using a kit at home. An orthodontist will virtually meet with you to check your progress every 90 days. Perhaps this is a solution for some, who are seeking comfort. Unlike the customized care, you receive from an orthodontist like Dr. Eshelman who can see you in person and prevent and address underlying conditions further down the road. Smile Direct allows you to take your orthodontic health into your hands and address problems virtually.

Seeking Treatment

If you are stuck choosing between Invisalign or Smile Direct Club, The Woodlands Smiles is here to make the choice easier. We can address your concerns about each, go over pricing, and schedule a free initial consultation. The choice should be clear after your consultation, that you want the best for your overall orthodontic health and the future of your smile. Build a healthy, long-lasting smile. Call The Woodland Smiles today at (281) 362-5121!

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